Dr. Scott Lankford, Stanford Global Educators Network Board of Directors Member, highlights GCCT as an innovative national platform for encouraging CC-to-international career pipelines.

Excerpts from the article:

Convincing community college students, and their families, that there are viable career options for global studies majors is crucial to creating (and sustaining) viable programs to internationalize our community college curriculum at all levels.

My presentation highlighted two well-established national platforms that are designed to introduce students to international career fields.  But innovative programs like these cannot succeed without the knowledge and enthusiastic participation of community college humanities educators everywhere – just like you!

The first platform is Global Community College Transfers (GCCT), a non-profit co-founded by a team of community college transfer students, including Nick Shafer, a Foothill Community College student who is currently studying as a Marshall Scholar at Oxford University. The network is designed to provide community college students access to study abroad fellowships and knowledge about careers in foreign affairs. Crucially, the network also pairs current community college students with former students already working in high-level academic and diplomatic careers worldwide. As ongoing mentors, they provide current community college students from first-gen families with inspiration, support, and career guidance.